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The Cop Lyrics

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Some men do it 'cause it pays the bills,
Others want to save the world.
Me myself, I never was a hero though.
Joined the force like my daddy did.
Figured I'd marry young,
But the things I've seen made me take a different road.

'Til you've been in the dark you might never feel it.
'Til you've been in the dark you might think you're guaranteed
But your life can leave, With a spark.

The rain falls on the blessed ones and the damned.

Met my girl about a year ago,
Knew that I'd found a home,
Laughed so much I felt like a kid again
Since that day it's hard to do the job,
It's hard to know what I've known,
So much pain, and so few innocent.

'Til you've been in the dark you might never question,
'Til you've been in the dark you might think you're quarantined,
Yeah, but nothing's free
And your love can leave,
In the dark.

The rain falls on the blessed ones,
The rain falls on the damned,
And you've changed my mind,
I love you more,
Than I love myself,
And I'm scared to death,
That you love me less wka

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