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Just Smile Lyrics

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What do you have, to lose?
Why is it so hard to choose?
Circumstances weigh you down
Happiness is no where to be found
Smile even if you're breaking.
Smile even if it's faking.
Oh just Smile. Just Smile.
Smile even if you're sinking.
Just smile, because you're winning.
Oh All you have to do it smile.

On a quest, Searching for happiness.
Trying to find your peace of mind.
Can't find it on a map or a GPS
Your heart your heart will lead you to a happy life.
Smile even if you're breaking
Smile even if it's faking
Oh smile
All you have to do is smile
Oh Smile even if you're sinking
Smile because you're winning.
Oh Smile
All You have to do is smile

Because it's over
just smile.
No more broke days your time's now.
It's your season to stand out
because it's over
just smile.

Only if you smile (no matter what you're going through)
Just smile (You have to keep your head held high)
Only if you smile (God is always there)
Just smile (Oh)
Only if you smile (weeping may endure for one night)
Just smile (Oh I'm a living witness y'all)
Only if you smile (It will oh)
Just smile (It will be all over after while)

Just smile even if you're breaking
Oh just smile even if it's faking
Oh just smile all you have to do is just smile
Oh smile even if you're sinking
Oh smile because you're winning
Oh smile
All you have to do is smile.

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