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Everyday Lyrics

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Oh Oh, Everyday…
This is the real right here…
Things aint always what they seem…
Check it…

People look at us
And say man they got it made
They signed a record deal
And now them boys is paid
But they don’t know what comes along with it
With all the fame and the fortune there’s still bull…
Cause even though we struggled hard
And gave up everything just to make it this far
Some people love us, and
Other people hate us
But we gonna take the haters
Make them our motivators
Cause they don’t
Know what we’ve been through
And none of them could ever
Walk a mile in our shoes
And I got to keep it real
Every record deal aint a good record deal
But I’m a grown man so I didn’t cry about it
Kept my head up, stayed strong
Until I got up out that contract
And I reminisce on what my lawyer use to say
But I wanted it so bad
I guess I had to learn the hard way

The pressures of this game got us goin insane…
If it aint one damn thing it’s another thing…
The pressures of this game got us goin insane…
If it aint one damn thing it’s another thing…

People wanna know
What’s goin on with one twelve
If they leave, if they leave
Are their records gonna sell
They say that he gave us the hits
Knowin damn well that we write our own sh…
It’s not that I’m mad about it
But I gotta clear it up
for those wonderin about it
I think you need to read the credits
Open up the cd dog and read the credits
Cause things aint always what they seem
So don’t believe everything you see on t.v.
In the videos, I was in a Bentley
And that Bentley in it, belonged, to me
My earrings had to be at least 5 karrots
I had to live up to that superstar status
Stayed on the road
Had to stay doin shows
Even though I’m goin broke
I couldn’t let nobody know


People look at us and say
How does it feel
On a new label
With a multi million dollar deal
I’m just glad we stayed together
We put our faith in the lord
And he made things better
Cause he said it in his word
That one day your gonna get
What ya’ll deserve
Now aren’t ya glad we stayed together
Through the good and the bad times
We stayed together
Through the rich and the broke times AZ

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112 (pronounced "One-TWELVE") is an American R&B quartet from Atlanta, Georgia. They are best known for hit singles such as "Anywhere" and "Dance With Me", and for winning a Grammy for their collaboration "I'll Be Missing You" with Puff Daddy and Faith Evans. Formerly artists for Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy Records, the group left Bad Boy and signed to the Def Soul roster in the early 2000s. The groups is made up of members Daron Tavaris Jones, Michael Marcel Keith (aka Mike), Quinnes Diamond Parker (aka "Q")...

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