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Danger Zone Lyrics

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Danger, danger
Ah, dangerToday is the day we ride
You's a made your whole fucking family by
This is how we ride, see me, smoking that seaweed
Y'all gonna see me today, fuck thatWhen we come through, just crowd
Crowd up around, y'all listen to the sound
Yo, this is for the way we rock
Thinkin' Bad Boy gonna stop, we notYo, we step up in the scene like, oh
You hear their flow and then there they go
In the Range Ro', see the ringers go blind
There the brain go every single timePut it in perspective, reflection in step
Step to the left while I rep it to the death
Easily approached, smokin' on the roach in coach
Till I'm so high, I'm on another planeHey, every fucking spot we go
We just rock, you see, now we know
Fuckin' news cameras, they want to get the footage
Wanna grind out, find out where my hood isLet's just say that this is how we put it down
Y'all niggas cool out and lounge
Fuck around, radios, down this
Say we go round this bullshit, straight to the plate nowEvery fucking spot we go
Just when you thought we would stop, we go
Came a long way from them nice hallways
What you talk about, we could do it all day
What you say now?Now this jam here be the danger zone
Everywhere I go, got a danger zone
(Danger)Niggas can't roam to the danger zone
You won't come home from the danger zone
(Danger)You gotta have chrome in the danger zone
'Cause you all alone in the danger zone
(Danger)Can't call home from the danger zone
Lounge homeboy, you in the danger zone
(Danger)If you don't know, better get your coverage
(Ah, ah, ah)
Got no money for the show then dub it
Make moves forward, get on with the green
Get the white out, I'm a blow wit ya teamPut it up in smoke, when the album wrote
Cadillac on spokes and it ain't a fuckin' joke
Ain't no laughin', straight up mashing
Catch me in a brand new, ate up MadisonMagazine ads and G. Dep has it
Bad Boy classic, that boy acid
That's it, blowing up your audio
Stacking is all we know
Catch you before we go world, yeahThis is just the way we roll
Got a bank roll, I'ma get it on swoll
Fuck the parole, catch me in Cancun
Niggas wanna know when my joint go boom, soonNow this jam here be the danger zone
Everywhere I go, there's this danger zone
(Danger)Niggas can't roam to the danger zone
You won't come home from the danger zone
(Danger)You gotta have chrome in the danger zone
Can't call home from the danger zone
(Danger)'Cause there ain't no phones in the danger zone
Lounge homeboy, you in the danger zone
(Danger)Fully loaded, full pound is a dangerous sound
(Ah, ah, ah)
Got me aimin' to pound on dangerous ground
My aim gear is sound
Type like wind is changin' the cloud
And it rains on the crowdYou blazin' this loud
You're raisin' your brow in amazement, astounded
Your plane been grounded, name been clowned
And your brain been found in the Asian brown bin with flies around itLook what the pound did, not like the brown kid
Then look around 'cause you're quite surrounded
Fight the rounds but can't find the rounds
That might swipe you down, well, it looks like you're down, kidSpoon fed in the hospital bed when I popped you
Ain't shit the doctor, you dead
Start listening to Gospel instead
Cops still the head so I'm hostile in FedSo lounge homeboy, you in the danger zone
Niggas don't roam to the danger zone
(Danger)Everywhere I go is a danger zone
You won't come home from the danger zone
(Danger)You gotta have chrome in the danger zone
'Cause you all alone in the danger zone
(Danger)Can't call home from the danger zone
'Cause ain't no phones in the danger zone
(Danger)Now everybody know about the danger zone
Little motherfuckers and their age is grown
(Danger)Lotta niggas had to get their fame you blown
Just to get known in the danger zone
(Danger)You gotta know the codes in the danger zone
Shit might explode in the danger zone
(Danger)Niggas unload in the danger zone
You gotta blaze your chrome or change is on
(Ah, ah, ah) ml

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G. Dep is an acronym for Ghetto Dependant (born Trevell Michael Coleman) (born on September 12, 1978 in Harlem, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA) nicknamed 'The Deputy' joined Bad Boy Entertainment in 1999 after Black Rob recommended him to P. Diddy who listened to his demo and decided to put him on a couple of tracks on Black Rob’s album: ‘Life Story’. Impressed by G. Dep’s unique style P. Diddy immediately signed him to the Bad Boy label and he made a couple of appearances on Puff Daddy’s ‘Forever’ and Biggies ‘Born Again’. His debut album ‘Child of the Ghetto’ introduced G. Dep to the world in which he rapped about his street life in Harlem. The lead single ‘Special Delivery’ produced by Ez Elpee gave him the credibility he deserved. This was successfully remixed for a single off the album ‘We invented the remix’ which again made the charts.

Despite his successful dance floor single ‘Let’s Get It’ (where all three where credited as "Three the Hard Way") which introduced the Harlem Shake, he failed to make huge sales on the label and his album remains one of the most bootlegged albums to date. His contribution the family is shown on ‘The Saga Continues...’ rapping on some of the best tracks on the album including ‘Child of the Ghetto’ which shows his raw street ability and also his successful collaborations with the family. After a brief hiatus in which his future was uncertain G. Dep came back released a mixtape called 'The Deputy: The sheriff is back in town’. He didn't lose his touch and it led to Black Rob bringing him back to Bad Boy Entertainment and he is expected to take part in his group Alumuni.

G. Dep's life before Bad Boy, although not garnering as much notice outside of the NYC hip-hop community, is considered by many to be far superior from a quality of work perspective. His early mixtapes and bootlegs made him an underground hip-hop legend in the mid-to-late 90's. On Gang Starr's fourth album, Hard to Earn, an in-booklet shout-out is given to leading underground MC's, namely the Wu-Tang Clan and G. Dep. Again, Guru and DJ Premier showed their respect for Dep by featuring him on their next two major releases. In 1997 G. Dep appeared under the name G-Depp on DJ Premier's New York Reality Check 101, on track 5, Head Over Wheels. The next year, Dep found himself rapping alongside Guru and Shiggy-Sha on Gang Starr's unsurpased hip-hop masterpiece Moment of Truth; track 17, The Mall. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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