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Cold Sweat Lyrics

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Girl you're kinda freaky
got something bout your smile
I can't believe my eyes I got to give respect
cos you know how to tease
and when you bounce it up and down
keep on walking I'll keep talkin'you would not believe what I would do
With a girl like you
keep your body rockin'
I ain't gonna stop I just want you
and you know it's shockin' when you rock it
I'm a sick sick man cos[Chorus:]
Girl I get dat cold sweat
creepin' up on me
Girl I'm just a freak
I ache when you shake itYeah, you set dat cold sweat
Burnin' with the fever
trippin' on meGirl, you're killing me
I count the ounce in every bounce
Girl I'm just a freak in need of therapy
And I just want to feast
I love the way you work itI love the way you grind
Ya got da funk in every pump If you could read my mind
What I would do....[Bridge][Chorus]
You're burnin' me down
Down, you're burnin' me down
I love the way you shake now love the way you break
You're burnin' me down
now keep it comin' baby I don't wanna hesitate nowYou got me hooked every look makes me freeze
180 degrees you make me buckle at my knees
crazy rumpshaker, sexy move maker baby bring it
on better sooner than later I feel a cold sweat creepin'
up on me we gotta get it on tell me what it's gonna be[Bridge]
[Chorus ml

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There are at least two bands named 5ive. 5ive are an instrumental band from Boston, MA formed in 2000 consisting of the duo of Ben Carr and Charlie Harrold. In 2001, 5ive released their self titled first studio album on Tortuga Recordings, which included Jeff Caxide (Isis) on bass. Later in the same year, they released their second studio album, The Telestic Disfracture, which included vocals on the first two tracks by Jonah Jenkins (Milligram).

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