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City 2 City Lyrics

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[Tech N9ne:]
Caribou Lou
Hella super dude
Tecca Nina standing right here in front of you
So bend it over baby
Let me see it pop
On this tour bus we party till the panties drop
You smell that green (green)
That's the kottonmouth
That's my family homie hold up what you talkin' 'bout
If it's negative
I don't want to hear it
Eliminatin' player haters with they evil spirits
Kansas City King
Kickin' it with the Kings
Take a whiff of weed and we for wicked things
Dang choices
Bang Hoyd dis {heard this}
From the back of the bus you hear strange noises
Here we come baby
It's a party bitch
And if you mad at me
Sorry and shit
Tech N9ne baby
Kottonmouth kings
Keep ya men at home lady I'm a freaky thing

Wake up cause the girls so pretty
It's time to get greedy
From city to city
Better yet say hey get it get it
It's time to get greedy
From city to city

[Daddy X:]
Choo choo
The train's coming through
Underground railroad thought you knew
Kottonmouth kings crew drinking whiskey and brew
Going city to city stick a stick and move
HEY!! X daddy
They call me Daddy X can I get a woot woot for my homeboy Tech (WOOT WOOT)
Fuck checks we get paid in cash
We the lords of the underground dine n' dash
Fuck that put ya ass on the table
Thoroughbred bitch get fed in the stable
Back room look gather 'round real quick
Bitch is sucking dick like carrots on a stick
What you think was gonna happen in your town
Kottonmouth and Tech N9ne burnin' 'em down
Summertime madness is in full effect
It's a heat wave bitch so get undressed


[Big Krizz Kaliko:]
Me and Kottonmouth we party and bullshit
Or be kicking it with niggas I'm cool with
For that vodka then we up inta' yanda' sand in the next hoe 30 city tour let's go
It's the Kings of the West Coast with the Dons of the Middle lovin and givin' it to you when AZ

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Kottonmouth Kings is a rap rock group which formed in Placentia, California, United States in 1994. The group consists of Daddy X, Lou Dog, D-Loc, Johnny Richter, DJ Bobby B, Taxman and The Dirtball. The group has released twelve albums since their formation, the most recent being "Sunrise Sessions", released on July 19, 2011.

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