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Blast Off Lyrics

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Yeah, yeah, me and my man's and them
We gon' blast off
Bad boy nigga and we don't stop
Come on to the top, blast off, yeah, yoAiyyo, I take it up top for my peeps
Cracks in they jeeps, don't sleep till they 6 feet deep
No lax in my tracks they potent
Fuck homicide, I'ma ride, keep smokin'I keep smokin' till the bullshit filter
Like cigarettes, Dep came through, killed ya
When I swerve hit nerves
Number 1 contenders, I put 'em on injured reserveAnd everybody know what's golden
Matter of fact platinum, mores trap to mold in?
Once I explode and I burn up the road and
Cruise around the globe, the cops thinkin' it's stolenUnderstand, the world's in my hand
G. Dep in this scam, no stunt, bitch play the front
And I'ma show you how to lay back
Do a buck while you puff on a sac'Cause yo, I'm about to blast off, straight to the chase
'Cause everybody know what's the case
Aiyyo, I'ma about to blast off
Straight to the point, aiyyo, yo, light another jointNigga, I'ma blast off
Right to the top, aiyyo, no, I ain't gon' stop yo
Nigga, I'ma blast off
Straight to the dome, you entered in the bad boy zoneYo, yo, uh, who's a nigga harder than me?
On the boats, make it known how the slaughterin' be
Damn, curry ain't the shit, put the name in your mouth
Got it different, you ain't on what you talkin' aboutBustin' off in her mouth, catch me
I'm feelin' for whoever test me, pity for whoever second guess me
Know how to man hand it's real as it get
Feelin' my shit, straight through the cealin' with thisBet your block love it, find me only with the grimy
Gutters of the street where my mind be
Play the game, get you a zil
Forever, put you until, it fit me to kill heat got it with me stillFlip the game over, see me, we be, untouched
Out like your motherfuckin' guns bust, blaow
Sure shot, hit again, spit it grim, anytime, anyplaceBitch, I'm about to blast off, yo I get it poppin'
When I rock, yo it's non-stoppin'
Yo, I'm about to blast off
See me at the show, when I rock everybody knowAiyyo, I'm about to blast off
Bottles gon' pop, 'cause when I rock, everybody rock
Aiyyo, I'm about to blast off
Straight to the top, 'cause everybody know this is hotAiyyo son, I'm about to blast off like an astronaut
Niggas don't wanna see a nigga blast the glock
Niggas don't wanna see a nigga flash the rocks
And pop up in the flashy drop, motherfuckersNiggas know me, Loon's a gunslinger
Fuck fightin' a nigga, I'm usin' one finger
Catch one of you rap cats in the humdinger
Some niggas get shot, live and become singersExpect to die, I'd rather sit in a chair, electrified
Than to stand here and testify
But other than that though we never get caught
But we Joy Jefferson walk, out of Federal CourtWe gettin' bread in New York, ain't it better the sport
So whatever you thought, you can use whatever support
But I think it's best you go 'head and just walk
Or have the cops find traces of lead in your corpseYo, I'm about to blast off straight to the chase
'Cause everybody know what's the case
Aiyyo, I'ma about to blast off
Straight to the point, aiyyo, yo, light another jointNigga, I'ma blast off
Right to the top, aiyyo, no, I ain't gon' stop yo
Nigga, I'ma blast off
Straight to the dome, you entered in the bad boy zoneYo, I'm about to blast off ml

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G. Dep is an acronym for Ghetto Dependant (born Trevell Michael Coleman) (born on September 12, 1978 in Harlem, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA) nicknamed 'The Deputy' joined Bad Boy Entertainment in 1999 after Black Rob recommended him to P. Diddy who listened to his demo and decided to put him on a couple of tracks on Black Rob’s album: ‘Life Story’. Impressed by G. Dep’s unique style P. Diddy immediately signed him to the Bad Boy label and he made a couple of appearances on Puff Daddy’s ‘Forever’ and Biggies ‘Born Again’. His debut album ‘Child of the Ghetto’ introduced G. Dep to the world in which he rapped about his street life in Harlem. The lead single ‘Special Delivery’ produced by Ez Elpee gave him the credibility he deserved. This was successfully remixed for a single off the album ‘We invented the remix’ which again made the charts.

Despite his successful dance floor single ‘Let’s Get It’ (where all three where credited as "Three the Hard Way") which introduced the Harlem Shake, he failed to make huge sales on the label and his album remains one of the most bootlegged albums to date. His contribution the family is shown on ‘The Saga Continues...’ rapping on some of the best tracks on the album including ‘Child of the Ghetto’ which shows his raw street ability and also his successful collaborations with the family. After a brief hiatus in which his future was uncertain G. Dep came back released a mixtape called 'The Deputy: The sheriff is back in town’. He didn't lose his touch and it led to Black Rob bringing him back to Bad Boy Entertainment and he is expected to take part in his group Alumuni.

G. Dep's life before Bad Boy, although not garnering as much notice outside of the NYC hip-hop community, is considered by many to be far superior from a quality of work perspective. His early mixtapes and bootlegs made him an underground hip-hop legend in the mid-to-late 90's. On Gang Starr's fourth album, Hard to Earn, an in-booklet shout-out is given to leading underground MC's, namely the Wu-Tang Clan and G. Dep. Again, Guru and DJ Premier showed their respect for Dep by featuring him on their next two major releases. In 1997 G. Dep appeared under the name G-Depp on DJ Premier's New York Reality Check 101, on track 5, Head Over Wheels. The next year, Dep found himself rapping alongside Guru and Shiggy-Sha on Gang Starr's unsurpased hip-hop masterpiece Moment of Truth; track 17, The Mall. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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