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All My Friends Lyrics

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Everybody seems so far away
We're lying on a beach in the sun
Looking for a hole in the sky that we could climb out of
Flip on the radio, it's a song I've heard before
It's a song to burn the clouds away
All my friends get high

They say the day has to end, but we never get tired
All the lights shine beads upon your eyes, whoa I
We'll use stars as candlelight, come here every night
There's no chance of them finding us today
All my friends get high

They're never going to find us
In the wide open space
In the color of your skin
At the bottom of your soul
There's a hole in the sky
With a place for everyone
Lying on the beach in the sun

All my friends get high AZ

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West Indian Girl is a psychedelic rock band from Los Angeles, who released their self-titled debut album in August 2004 on Astralwerks. The profound power to transcend common themes of fear, hope and love using only phrasing and imagery is a rare gift, second only to one's ability to render out the proper combination of notes and chords with which to propel those words into our hearts. With influences that include British rock and roll and the soul-seeking ethos of 60s psychedelia and modern day jam bands...

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