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Jordan Davis Singles You Up

Posted by Hitesh Patel in mp3 category

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With the success of 'Singles You Up,' singer/songwriter Jordan Davis discusses the surrealness of having a hit, beards, his impending album and makes his Week 4 predictions. Cassie sits down with country music rocker, Ciara Rae. Her new single, "Girls Are Gonna Have Fun" is available everywhere. Follow her: , , ,
5 songs:
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"Kiss Somebody" Morgan Evans
"Singles You Up" Jordan Davis 1 Proof Is
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(1). Jordan Davis on 'Singles You Up,' beard maintenance and Week 4 picks Size: 12.87 MB • Bitrate: 128kbps • Length: 14:00 min listen download
(2). Size: 6.8 MB • Bitrate: 320kbps listen download
(3). CKAC EP. 10 Ciara Rae Size: 21.66 MB • Bitrate: 128kbps • Length: 23:34 min listen download
(4). VDJ JD Fall 2017 Country Mix Size: 11.54 MB • Bitrate: 128kbps • Length: 12:33 min listen download
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