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Be Free J Cole On Letterman

Posted by Hitesh Patel in mp3 category

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J. Cole live on Letterman
I don't own any copyrights to this. Just took the audio from a clip I saw. Thanks for liking and sharing, he's an amazing artist. Decided to make the J. Cole "Be Free" Letterman Performance into an mp3. This was one of the most touching performances I've ever seen.
I do not own this song or any rights to it. This is for educational and entertainment purposes only. This is cut from an original performance and sampled into mp3 format.
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(1). Be Free - J. Cole on Letterman Size: 4.09 MB • Bitrate: 128kbps • Length: 04:27 min listen download
(2). Size: 5.1 MB • Bitrate: 320kbps listen download
(3). Be Free (J. Cole on Letterman) Size: 3.89 MB • Bitrate: 128kbps • Length: 04:14 min listen download
(4). J. Cole - Be Free (Live on Letterman) Size: 4.12 MB • Bitrate: 128kbps • Length: 04:29 min listen download
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